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Looking for a simple, single platform that automates all your rostering, staffing, time and attendance tasks – your way?

Wageloch software solutions are designed with your business in mind. Proudly Australian and family owned, we work as one to help you get the job done. And done well.

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How we work

In four simple steps, you’ll be up and running with a smart software solution that makes managing your team a breeze.

1. Setup 1. Setup
1. Setup

Your local project manager will get to know your needs. So all your award rates, rostering needs and cutting-edge biometrics are in one platform.

2. Integrate 2. Integrate
2. Integrate

Put your feet up as we tinker away in the background. We’ll configure your award and software settings, and connect it to your Xero, MYOB or Reckon payroll system or other leading accounting integrations.

3. Deploy 3. Deploy
3. Deploy

See your smart system in action! Our support team will walk you through everything you need to know to get the most out of it – and answer all your questions.

4. Manage 4. Manage
4. Manage

Keep on top of things anywhere, any time, on any device. Save hours of admin, and accurately track your team’s time, attendance and pay. Make sure the right person is in the right place at the right time with our mobile clocking options.

Who uses Wageloch

“Inexpensive. Easy to use. Always accurate. Friendly staff. That’s why I use Wageloch.”

D. Obst, Proprietor, St Peters Bakehouse & Coffee Shop


Heather Eberston
Childcare & Education
Heather Eberston
Cromwell College

“I now spend around two hours from start to finish on payroll. I save money because spending eight hours a day trying to perfect the wage calculations for all employees was an astronomical task and involved multiple people investing a couple of hours a week. Wageloch means I no longer have to double check awards to ensure pay hours are correct. It is an automated function in Wageloch loaded upfront. Wageloch execute a change and it is implemented across the board…”

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Carmel Scoleri
Pharmacy & Medical
Carmel Scoleri
ChemCentral Pharmacy Group

“It is simple to use and if we have an issue the help desk team is in the same state and easy to contact. When we first started to build our new payroll system, I went into the Wageloch office and their staff also visited our main office to ensure it was introduced smoothly. It’s a great team to work with, they are professional and easy to get in touch with when we need help. I need face-to-face meetings rather than trying to explain issues over the phone and Wageloch ensures it understands the environment where we work..”

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Adam Marrs Ekamper
Accommodation & Hospitality
Adam Marrs Ekamper
Equinox Property Group

“Wageloch is very easy to use. Once it’s set up, it runs like a dream. The implementation has been one of the smoothest I’ve seen, and one of the reasons is the way Wageloch manages installing the system.The company has a really good timeline around implementation. Wageloch staff ensured all of the required details were emailed to managers in advance, and a meeting was organised to ensure we were all up to speed with how the implementation would work. Wageloch staff then provided support for all the gates we needed to pass through along the way…”

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Phoebe Dong
Production & Manufacturing
Phoebe Dong
Paris Creek Farms and Maggie Beer Products

“The new rostering software uses an app for employees where they can use a fingerprint to clock on and off, and they can also use the simple, automated system to apply for their leave and approval.

The system has fixed mistakes from human errors but I think the most important thing is that when I need help the Helpdesk is on standby…”

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Wageloch integrates seamlessly with powerful payroll, POS and bookkeeping platforms including MYOB, Xero and Reckon. We can even connect it with your existing systems – so you spend less time on admin tasks, and more on what matters most.

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